Anti-gay marriage proposal passes House panel

Rep. Gottwalt wants to make sure the people decide if gays can marry.
Rep. Gottwalt wants to make sure the people decide if gays can marry.

A proposal to put an anti-gay marriage amendment on the Minnesota ballot cleared another hurdle today.

With a 10-7 vote on strict party lines, Republicans pushed the bill through the House's Civil Law Committee today. It's looking more and more likely that the issue will be put to a vote by 2012.

Because God knows that the threat of gay marriage--not worries about paying our mortgages and keeping our jobs--is what keeps us voters up at night.

Gay marriage is already outlawed in Minnesota, but the bill's backers want to change the state's constitution to make that ban harder to overturn.

A twin measure announced in the Senate last week is already hurtling through the approval process. And though Gov. Dayton and many DFLers don't approve, there's little they can do given the Republican lock on the statehouse.

Here's Sen. Paul Gazelka, one of the sponsors of the Senate bill, on why it's supposedly needed:

"This constitutional amendment puts the definition of marriage in the hands of the voter," Gazelka says. "There are a variety of perspectives on this issue, we are simply trying to give people the chance to express their opinion at the polls."

As if people didn't already express their opinions on gay marriage all over the place.

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