Anthony Webster arrested for fighting cops with his mom on her birthday

Diane Lemke, Anthony Webster: They'll remember her birthday night for a long time -- up to seven years.

Diane Lemke, Anthony Webster: They'll remember her birthday night for a long time -- up to seven years.

A mother-son duo from Glen Fora, Wisconsin found themselves in a bit of a tight spot earlier this month.

First, the son, Anthony Webster, decided to outrun a police car with his ATV, police say. But the otherwise wonderful evening went awry when the cops showed up at Antler's Tavern (where else?) to arrest him.

Webster was hit with a baton, flashlight, pepper spray, and a Taser before one of the cops took him out with a headlock, according to charges.

For their wild bonding experience, Webster is facing multiple felonies, while mom could get stuck with a couple misdemeanors.


On Monday, he was charged with a felony for fleeing police, two felonies for battery to an officer, and two misdemeanors for resisting.

The mother, 56-year-old Diane Lemke, is also facing two misdemeanors for resisting. By all accounts, this probably wasn't the birthday she had in mind, even if she does look pretty happy in her mugshot.

The trouble began on September 3, when an officer spotted Webster cruising down the highway in an ATV.

The officer noticed the ATV's headlights were off, and tried to pull the duo over.

Heeeeeeeere's Lemke!

Heeeeeeeere's Lemke!

Instead of obeying the officer's signal, Webster sped up to 80 MPH in the 35 MPH zone, quickly disappearing from sight, according to the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram.

Flash forward to Antler's Tavern, where Lemke was working that night. Webster was bragging about outrunning the cop just a little too loudly, inspiring another bar patron to call police.

When police showed up to arrest him, Webster didn't have the intention of going quietly. During the scuffle, Webster hit two officers, ripping one of their uniforms in the process, before he was put him was put in a headlock, according to the Telegram. Lemke attempted to jump in too, but was brushed away with a baton.

If convicted, Webster could face more than seven years in prison. A small price to pay for a memorable birthday with mom.

Note: This article was changed from its original publication. Contrary to initial reports, Lemke was not on the ATV with Webster, she was working at Antler's bar.