Anthony Wagoner convicted of springing his pooch from the animal hospital

Rather than pay $103 in fees, Anthony Wagnoner broke into a Moorhead animal hospital and sprung his Labrador retriever Ace from the doggy slammer.

For this idiotic crime, the 27-year-old was sentenced Thursday to two years and three months in prison, reports the Fargo Forum.

Wagoner had called the Fargo-Moorehead Animal Hospital the day before to inquire about the cost of freeing the dog, which had been captured as a stray, hospital staff told police. The cops later found Ace at Wagoner's mom's home, and Wagoner admitted to the break-in.

He was ordered to pay $233 to the hospital for a broken window.

According to Lilla Talge, receptionist at the Fargo-Moorhead Animal Hospital, Ace has not returned to the hospital since Wagoner broke in.

"He's had that dog since that night he took it," Talge said. "I don't know where he has it now."

Wagoner was also sentenced to five years in prison after pleading guilty to felony possession of a pistol. The sentences will run concurrently, with Wagoner having to serve at least two-thirds of the time in prison.

No word on who will be taking care of Ace.

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