Anthony Stancl, Wisconsin teen accused of coercing sex acts via Facebook, sentenced to 15 years


Anthony Stancl, a 19-year-old from Wisconsin, was sentenced to 15 years in prison today for two sexual assault charges.

Stancl is accused of coercing sex acts via Facebook from his classmates at New Berlin Eisenhower High School. He used the guise of a female to convince more than 30 male students to send him naked pictures of them. Then Stancl blackmailed his classmates with the photos into performing sexual favors, often on school property.

On top of the decade-and-a-half stint in the slammer, he will also serve 13 years of extended probation.

Stancl was originally charged with 12 felonies, but prosecutors dropped 10 as part of a plea agreement. He plead no contest to the sexual assault charges in December.

The two charges left standing carried a maximum sentence of 50 years in the slammer.