Anthony Martin Ramos sentenced for beating, robbing autistic teenager

Anthony Martin Ramos is going to jail.

Anthony Martin Ramos is going to jail.

Anthony Martin Ramos broke down in tears the day he admitted in court to terrorizing, beating and robbing an autistic teen behind a Cub Foods in St. Paul two days before Christmas.

The victim was on a shopping errand to help his mother make Christmas cookies when he ran into another guy he knew, and made the mistake of trusting him when he said he just wanted to hang out. Instead, He was lured to the attack at the hands of Ramos, 24, and a bunch of other losers.


There, he was handcuffed, beaten up and robbed of everything including a ginger ale he was drinking. Ramos even shot his face at close range with a BB gun. And according to court testimony, the autistic kid never fought back.

Ramos, Tiffany Ann Clock, 21, Trenton Eugene Johnson, 22, and two other juveniles were all charged in the crime.

Now Ramos has been sentenced, although he got off light. The charges called for a maximum sentence of 20 years, but Ramos will spend just four years behind bars.

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