Another Shattuck-St. Mary's "dorm parent" engaged in criminal sexual conduct, police say

Jones (left) killed himself after he was confronted by school officials about an affair he was having with a student.
Jones (left) killed himself after he was confronted by school officials about an affair he was having with a student.

One day after charges were filed against Lynn Phillip Seibel, a former teacher and Big Bang Theory actor who allegedly engaged in circle jerks with underage students at Faribault's Shattuck-St. Mary's boarding school, police say that another teacher at the school engaged in criminal sexual conduct.

Like Seibel, Leonard "Len" Jones served as both a teacher and a "dorm parent" at Shattuck. Jones, 34, killed himself in December 2008 after campus officials confronted him about a sexual relationship he was having with with a female student that began when she was 15 and ended when she was 18.

The way Shattuck officials apparently handled the Jones case raises questions about how forthcoming the school has been when staffers have been accused of wrongdoing. From MPR:

[Faribault Police Chief Don] Gudmundson said that police only discovered the alleged affair during the investigation of Jones' death. He said the student confirmed the relationship to police...

Gudmundson said he's unaware that Shattuck St. Mary's ever raised the issue of Jones alleged misconduct with police before the teacher committed suicide.

''Using history as our guide, I don't believe that the school would have reported that to us,'' Gudmundson said. ''Except that in this case, they had a dead body.''

Shattuck's alleged sweep-it-under-the-rug-and-keep-it-in-house approach to the Jones situation appears similar to how officials handled initial allegations regarding Siebel's misconduct. The school received a complaint about Seibel in 2001 but kept him on staff until a trove of child pornography was found on his computer in 2003. Even then, they didn't report the discovery to police.

Gudmundson told MPR he's "disappointed" by the approach the school took to misconduct allegations.

''Certainly they would appear to have if not [criminal] legal liability, they would have civil liability with these young people,'' the police chief said.

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