Another gun buyback today and tomorrow

Four months ago, a group known as the Cease Fire Coalition collected 223 guns in a two-day period in Minneapolis, more than a quarter of what the Minneapolis Police Department confiscated during the entire year of 2005. Today and Saturday, the coalition will again be reimbursing folks who turn over the firearms in another effort to get guns off the street.

"The police are the responders to confiscating guns. We are in more of a preventive kind of mode, trying to stop the violence by getting the guns on the front end," says Shane Price, coordinator for the African American Men's Project operated by Hennepin County, and a leader of the Cease Fire Coalition, which is comprised of approximately 30 public and private organizations.

Beginning today from ten in the morning until ten at night, guns will be bought back near the Holding Forth the Word of Life Church somewhere between 2000 and 2200 West Broadway in North Minneapolis (different press releases put the address at 2114 and 2029 West Broadway). Anyone bringing in a revolver will receive a $50 gift card, which can be used just like a credit card. Automatic weapons will be bought back with a $75 gift card. The money for the cards comes from a $20,000 grant from the Minneapolis Foundation, one of the members of the Cease Fire Coalition.

On Saturday (tomorrow, June 3), the gun buyback program shifts to a South Minneapolis location--Urban Ventures at 3041 4th Ave. S., with the same hours, 10-to-10, and the similar $50 and $75 gift cards for buying back the guns.