Another day in North Minneapolis revisited

class=img_thumbleft> In May, City Pages published an account of 18-year-old Norman Parker's run-in with a Minneapolis police officer at the intersection of Lowry and Emerson avenues on the city's North Side. According to two eyewitnesses, Parker was kicked in the face and repeatedly beaten by MPD officer Jeffrey Binfet, even though he was not resisting arrest. As a result of the confrontation, Parker spent three days at North Memorial Medical Center receiving treatment.

According to a police report, Parker was wanted on suspicion of armed robbery. However, the only charge that has been brought against him stemming from the incident is a gross misdemeanor citation for obstructing the legal process. According to Lt. Gregory Reinhardt, a spokesman for the MPD, there is an ongoing internal investigation scrutinizing Binfet's conduct.

No lawsuit has been filed against the city stemming from the incident, but Parker is represented by attorney Jill Clark. "At this time he is reviewing his legal options," Clark says. "We will be vigilant watching for any potential retaliation against Norman Parker and encourage the Mineapolis police to allow him to seek his legal remedies without any interference by them."

Clark recently released to City Pages photos of Parker taken during his hospital stay.