Annie Stensrud, "drunk broadcast" anchor, says she wasn't drunk

Stensrud's face after she said she wasn't drinking the night of her infamous "drunk broadcast."
Stensrud's face after she said she wasn't drinking the night of her infamous "drunk broadcast."

-- Annie Stensrud, KEYC Mankato "drunk broadcast" anchor, sentenced to probation
-- KEYC Mankato anchor Annie Stensrud breaks silence on her "drunk broadcast" [VIDEO]

One week after being sentenced to probation for third-degree DWI, Annie Stensrud is telling her side of the story.

The former Mankato KEYC TV news anchor of "drunk broadcast" lore sat down for an interview with KARE 11 news, and dropped a bombshell -- she says she hadn't been drinking the December 2011 night she got in front of the camera and slurred her words while swaying side-to-side as if she had just downed a few tee many martoonies.

Instead, Stensrud blamed her hard-to-believe-nobody-sent-her-home-beforehand performance on an anti-anxiety medication she was taking at the time.

"Some days I was overly talkative, some days I was just really quiet," she said. "The fog got heavier the more I took it."

Asked point blank if booze was also a factor, Stensurd, with a less-than-convincing smirk on her face, said: "No, I wasn't drunk. I hadn't been drinking."

But Stensrud said that after her "drunk broadcast" went viral, she turned to booze to deal with the embarrassment.

"I didn't know how to respond -- I responded by drinking," she said. "When I heard it was going to be on Letterman, I just thought my life is over." Two weeks later, she was arrested for DWI with a ridiculous blood-alcohol level of 0.31.

Stensurd was fired by KEYC and remains unemployed, though she hopes to get another chance as a TV news anchor. She's currently living with family in Plymouth.

"I am a better person than before it happened," she said, adding that a return to TV is "something I would love to do."

"People have heard my story now," she told KARE. "They know that I'm not perfect and it makes me better equipped to tell theirs."

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