Anne Marie Rasmusson's driver's license accessed 174 times in 2006

The driver's license record of Anne Marie Rasmusson was accessed by law enforcement officers 174 times in 2006, according to state data obtained by City Pages, suggesting that one of the largest-known private data breaches by law enforcement goes deeper than previously realized.

As we reported in our February 22 cover story -- "Is This Woman Too Hot to Have a Driver's License?" -- Rasmusson, a former police officer, began receiving unwanted attention from law enforcement agents who seemed to know a lot about her personal life.

After obtaining an audit from the Department of Public Safety, she discovered her driver's license record had been accessed 425 time from 2007 to August 2011 -- by 104 different officers in 18 agencies across Minnesota. The news was enough to make her physically vomit.

"There is nothing that I would say about this driver's license photo or any of my previous ones that in any way would deserve the attention that they've gotten," she told City Pages at the time. "I can't begin to understand what people were thinking."

The new data brings the tally of look-ups to about 600. The data lists more than a dozen law enforcement agencies from across the state, including officers from the Minneapolis Police Department, University of Minnesota-Duluth Police Department, and the Minneapolis branch of the FBI who looked up Rasmusson.

One officer from the Chisago County Sheriff's department accessed Rasmusson's license seven times between February and April 2006, according to the state data. A University of Minnesota-Duluth officer accessed her license six times in one day.

Rasmusson filed a lawsuit in March against the agencies, governing bodies, and individual officers involved in the look-ups, alleging the officers violated her private data. The suit also alleged that most of the law enforcement agencies had not disciplined the officers involved, which indicates that "this illegal access appears to be widespread and pervasive throughout departments, and is a custom and practice."

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