Anne Marie Rasmusson tells Today show she plans to leave Minnesota

Rasmusson has won over $1 million in lawsuit.
Rasmusson has won over $1 million in lawsuit.
Screen shot from Today Show.

Anne Marie Rasmusson appeared on NBC's Today show this morning, where she discussed how unwanted attention from Minnesota cops continues to be such a concern, she plans to move out of state.

The subject of our February cover story, "Is This Woman Too Hot to Have a Driver's License," Rasmusson began receiving attention from officers who seemed to know a lot about her a few years ago. Through an audit from the Department of Public Safety, she discovered her driver's license record had been accessed 425 time from 2007 to August 2011 -- by 104 different officers in 18 agencies across Minnesota. In June, City Pages obtained data pointing to another 174 look ups.

COVER: Is This Woman Too Hot to have a Driver's License?
Anne Marie Rasmusson names cops in data breach lawsuit

Experts say it could be the largest private data breach by police officers in history.

Rasmusson sued the the agencies, individual officers, and governing bodies named in the audit, and has won over $1 million in settlements so far. But as Rasmusson -- a former cop herself -- tells Today show correspondent Kevin Tibbles, the impact the ordeal has had on her life is irreversible.

"Being outside right now, right here, is terrifying," she tells Dibbles as they walk around downtown Minneapolis.

"Even with police around?" he asks.

"Because of the potential to see police," she says.

Watch the full report here:

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