Ann Coulter on the Franken/Coleman Senate recount

Photo courtesy of Jezebel

What combination of crazy can Ann Coulter pull together to bash our state's recount? She's pretty convinced the state's recount system is a giant fraud all conspiring to elect Al Franken no matter the cost. Breaking news! She's got the scoop! We're the "Land of 10,000 Fakes". 

In an article last week, Coulter summer up our recount for the country, misleading readers with all of the facts that conveniently fit her straight and narrow views of the world. She couldn't forget to mention that people who vote for Franken are stupid. Good jab, Coulter. 

Straight from the horse's mouth:

Either the hand recount produces a better, more accurate count, or there was no point to the state spending roughly $100,000 to conduct the hand recount in the first place. But that is exactly what the George Soros-supported secretary of state has agreed to do in the case of a Dinkytown precinct near the University of Minnesota. 
The hand recount of the liberal precinct produced 133 fewer ballots than the original count on election night and, more important, 46 fewer votes for Franken. There are no "missing" ballots in Dinkytown. Ballots were run through the voting machines twice on election night. 
Last week, Minneapolis elections director Cindy Reichert explained they already knew for a fact that 129 ballots had been run through machines twice on election night, which pretty closely matched the 133 allegedly "missing" ballots. But after relentless badgering by the Franken campaign, now Reichert isn't so sure anymore. 
Wholly apart from the outrageous inconsistency of deciding that some election night tallies trump the hand recount and some don't, Franken's miraculous acquisition of more than 500 votes from heavily Democratic precincts in post-election "corrections" wasn't believable on its face -- and that's even accounting for the fact that Franken voters tend to be stupider than average and therefore more likely to fill out their ballots incorrectly.