Animal Humane Society talking cats video by MAKE goes viral [VIDEO]

Kitty wants a big house.
Kitty wants a big house.

Minneapolis-based design studio MAKE usually churns out work for national clients like Target, Cabela's, Indy Car and Best Buy, but an opportunity to make cats talk in a PSA for the Animal Humane Society proved to be a temptation they couldn't resist.

AHS uploaded the MAKE video to YouTube a few weeks ago, and it's gone viral. Hundreds of thousands of people are going goo goo over baby-voiced kitties purring things like, "I want a warm belly to sleep on," and, "I wanna be a contendah!"

It's great stuff, and maybe it will remind humans not to treat their pets like household trash.

Check out bind-the-scenes photos, and the rest of MAKE's creative work, by clicking here.

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