Angry wife spray-paints "asshole," "cheater" on ex-husband's SUV [PHOTOS]

An angry ex-wife commemorated her divorce by holding an "ex-husband sale" and spray-painting the SUV in their driveway with "asshole," "douche," and "cheater."

"Kiss my ass fucker," she also tagged. Their GMC Yukon, with flat tires and all, attracted much attention in Superior, Wisconsin, yesterday.

Along the curb, the woman piled her ex-husband's belongings underneath a sign advertising "X HUSBAND SALE." There were ashes where "an apparent fire had been lit," according to Mix 108's Tony Hart.

A Superior policeman showed up at the scene later to speak with people at the residence, but no arrests were made.

Gawkers, including children, lined up to record the acrimony.
Gawkers, including children, lined up to record the acrimony.

Sgt. William Lear explained to local media that there isn't a law against defacing a vehicle in your own yard.

The woman who lived in that home filed for divorced last July, according to the Superior Telegram, ending a marriage that began in 1997.

A neighbor told the newspaper that the celebration began Tuesday, when the divorce was finalized.

Several people came over for a spray-paint party, characterized as a "get rid of the husband" deal, "to get rid of her anger."

Hat tip to Mix 108, which has more pictures here.

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