Angry neighbor hollers "it's f-ing Christmas" at Hemsley protesters

Peace on Earth, good will toward men? Bah humbug. This health care debate has a way of bringing out the Scrooge in a lot of angry people. Take a look at this confrontation caught on video as protesters gather outside the swank Lake Minnetonka home of Stephen Hemsley, president and chief executive of UnitedHealth Group.

The commentary posted along with the video by socialalt reads: "Before we we walked down to Stephen Hemsley's house (CEO of United Health Group) to protest outrageous HMO CEO salaries at the expense of people who need and cannot afford health care, we were confronted by an angry neighbor of his. He was outraged that we would protest the man near his home at Christmas time. I wonder if Hemsley gives a rat's ass about people who died and did not get to see another Christmas when his company denied their claims?"

Hat tip to David Brauer at MinnPost for finding that gem of a clip.

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