Angry hockey dad yells insult while holding infant, tells another parent he'll cave his face in [VIDEO]

With adult role models like this, the real victim here might be the baby girl.
With adult role models like this, the real victim here might be the baby girl.

Since it happened in Winnipeg, this story isn't exactly local. Then again, Minnesota is the State of Hockey, and Winnipeg is almost as close to the Twin Cities as some of the NoDak shenanigans we've covered.

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So with that caveat out of the way, we bring you the story of Jason Boyd -- a hockey dad whose caught-on-tape behavior embodies most everything that's depressing and scary about parenting and youth sports. During a recent game featuring 15-year-old players, Boyd, an infant in his arms, called one of the players a "midget" so loudly that everybody in the rink could hear it. But the "midget" player's dad happened to be standing right next to Boyd, and when he took umbrage about the remark, Boyd went off the rails.

"Don't touch me, or I'm gonna cave your fucking glasses in, you got that?" Boyd said, the rage visible on his face.

Here's the footage, which tells the story better than we ever could:

The bad sportsmanship didn't end there. The "midget" Boyd referred to ended up breaking his arm during the game -- and Boyd allegedly cheered! From the CBC:

Later in the game, Kitson's son Emerson [aka "midget"] broke his arm. Kitson said Boyd's outbursts continued even after that.

"He celebrates again. It was hard to watch. These are kids on the ice," said Kitson...

Now, the Lord Selkirk Minor Hockey Association wants Boyd banned from all of its playoff games...

Boyd issued a statement on Friday, saying he wanted to "sincerely apologize to Chuck Kitson and his 15-year-old son" for his behavior at the game.

He said in the written statement, "I cannot and will not try to justify or excuse my actions. I had a significant lapse in judgment and for that I am truly sorry."

He said he accepted the league's suspension and supported their efforts to reduce parent confrontations at games.

He added he would make an in-person apology to Kitson and his son.

Boyd's family has said the outburst was in the heat of the moment and the ensuing online backlash is unfair.

With parents like Boyd making asses of themselves and the players, it's surprising more kids don't conclude their youth hockey careers in the angst-filled way that angry Farmington goalie did earlier this week.

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