Angry Bachmann fan threatens to open fire on newspaper


We mentioned yesterday that Rep. Michele Bachmann's Nov. 5 anti-health care reform rally at the U.S. Capitol has turned into the gift that keeps on giving, but today's news moves into the realm of the unreal: A Kentucky woman has threatened a Michigan newspaper with a bloodbath similar to the massacre at Ft. Hood if they don't lay off criticism of the District 6 congresswoman.

Weird. We always thought Michele was a pro-life kinda gal. But on with the story, which begins with an editorial in the Port Huron Times Herald. It lambastes Bachmann as a "a hate-spewing, right-wing legislator from Minnesota."

Rally participants carried a variety of disturbing signs. One placard had a health care message superimposed over dead bodies from Holocaust concentration camps. One referred to President Barack Obama as "Sambo." One depicted the president as the evil "Joker" from Batman movies. One referred to "Obama and his Marxist buddies."At one point, the crowd chanted "Nazi, Nazi."

The unidentified Kentucky woman was having none of that, and according to Editor and Publisher, she put in a call to the Gannett customer service center in Louisville, Ky., threatening to arm herself and "do what they did at Fort Hood." (Gannet owns the Times Herald.)

Gannet gave a copy of the recording to Kentucky authorities, who paid the woman a visit last week. No charges have yet been filed in the case.