Angelo Salas survives after dumbass drops rock off bridge onto car

Angelo Salas survived this.
Angelo Salas survived this.
Screen grab: WCCO

We've all been there in our minds, as we cruise underneath a highway overpass, looking skeptically at some shadowy figure evening the traffic and thinking, Hope that guy doesn't heave a rock over the side.

For Angelo Salas, such paranoia was well founded.

Tuesday night, Salas was headed down Highway 52 in St. Paul near Concord Street when -- boom! - the windshield of his 2006 Dodge Magnum got destroyed by a boulder the size of a football, thrown off an overpass.

The dumbass act by what may have been a group of boneheaded kids scared the heck out Salas. Glass flew everywhere. But the 27-year-old man from Inver Grove Heights survived and pulled the car over to the side of the road without further harm.

Salas wasn't the only guy targeted by the dolts. Another rock struck a car on the hood earlier, according to the State Patrol.

Adding insult to minor injury: Salas will have to pay for a new windshield out of his own pocket because his insurance only covers collisions.

What kind of idiot throws huge rocks onto speeding cars?

WCCO interviewed Salas and his thoroughly wigged-out girlfriend. Watch:

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