Angela Jackson Pleads Guilty to Attempted Murder for Running Man Over in Uptown

She was furious over an unpaid bar tab

She was furious over an unpaid bar tab

Angela Jackson will likely spend between 12 and 15 years in prison for chasing down and hitting Tarrince Winbush with her car outside of the Bulldog bar in Uptown last summer.

She says she was actually aiming for one of Winbush's friends, who is shown on the bar's surveillance video hitting her twice during a dispute over a tab. Winbush, 39, is in a coma with a serious brain injury.

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Police say she and two friends met Winbush and two of his friends at the Bulldog on 26th Street and Lyndale Avenue on August 15.

Everyone was kicked out of the bar after the tab dispute and the argument spilled outside on Lyndale. Jackson, fuming, got into her car with her two friends and turned onto Lyndale. She flipped a U-turn and came after Winbush's friend but missed, instead hitting a parked car.

Then she turned onto 26th, stopped for a while to examine the damage to her car, and circled the block to try to hit the man again. This time she came screaming down Lyndale at about 40 mph "intending to 'take him out,'" according to the Hennepin County Attorney's Office.

Jackson missed the man she was aiming for and instead hit Winbush, who went flying into the air. She sped away from the scene with her two friends still in the car, hitting more vehicles outside of the CC Club before making it back to a residence.

Jackson removed the plates from the car and kept it hidden in a garage for several days until cops tracked her down and arrested her.

She pleaded guilty to first-degree attempted murder yesterday and will be officially sentenced February 6.

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