Andy Parrish's response to Newtown school shooting: Arm teachers [UPDATE]

For two prominent local conservatives, more guns, not less, is the way to stop school shootings.
For two prominent local conservatives, more guns, not less, is the way to stop school shootings.
Screengrab from TV coverage of Newtown shooting

In the wake of today's unspeakably horrible school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, many are calling for a tightening of gun laws.

-- Rep. Chip Cravaack says guns in the audience would've prevented Aurora shootings [VIDEO]
-- Allen Quist blames Accent Signage shooting on "deterioration of the family" [VIDEO]

But two prominent local conservatives -- Andy Parrish and Mitch Berg -- believe the solution is to take the opposite approach. Today, both have called for teachers to be allowed to carry guns in the classroom.

Here's what Parrish had to say:

And here's a blog post published today by Berg, entitled "Another Massacre In Another Gun Free Zone" (links are his):

Another deranged gunman has cut loose in another building full of people forbidden from being able to defend themselves and the children in their "care" by federal law...

How many more children need to die before we realize "gun free zones" don't work?

UPDATE: Count up the number of school shootings we've seen in the past decade and a half, including two in Minnesota (with 11 dead) - all in "gun free zones". What was that "definition of insanity" again?

In Israel, in the seventies, there were a number of attacks by terrorist gunmen on Israeli schools and school buses. The Israelis By banning guns in schools, just to keep the law-abiding terrorists in line?

No. They allowed (and on field trips, required) teachers to be armed. And it worked. And it's still working.

:::: UPDATE ::::

2:17 p.m. -- Governor Mark Dayton has issued a response to today's mass shooting in Connecticut.

This dastardly, cold-blooded murder of innocent children and their educators by a deranged individual shocks Minnesotans. All of our children, their parents, and all of their teachers should feel certain every day that their safety is the paramount concern. The deepest condolences of Minnesotans go to the parents and families of the victims of this horrific act.

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