Andy Parrish: "The Republican Party is an absolute disaster"

Parrish thinks the MNGOP should remain focused on social issues.
Parrish thinks the MNGOP should remain focused on social issues.

Last night, a few hundred MNGOPers gathered at the Blue Fox Bar and Grill for a "Where Do We Go From Here?" panel discussion about the future of their reeling party.

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As you'd expect, different factions of the MNGOP have different views about how to best proceed, and as you'd also expect, those differences weren't bridged during the course of a single panel discussion.

For example, conservative writer Sarah Jancek forcefully argued that the MNGOP should "get the hell off the social issues and focus on the fiscal issues," according to MinnPost's report about the event. Her remarks drew applause from attendees with libertarian leanings. But on the flipside, Andy Parrish argued just as forcefully that his party's sorry state is a result of the MNGOP abandoning social issues.

More from MinnPost:

"The Republican Party is an absolute disaster," said Andy Parrish, a former Michele Bachmann chief of staff who helped direct the unsuccessful campaign to pass the marriage amendment. Parrish argued the party has abandoned its social conservative principles and suffered as a consequence...

Parrish took the bleakest view of his party's future, suggesting the Minnesota Republican Party should file for bankruptcy and start over, a comment that elicited some nods of agreement. The two-hour discussion ended as it began -- with no unity on content of message, tactics or strategy but plenty of evidence that Minnesota Republicans are scattered well beyond the boundaries of the big tent.

Abandoning social issues? Was all the drama surrounding a marriage amendment that largely divided Minnesotans along party lines during the most recent election cycle just a figment of a weird dream I had, or what?

Anyway, the answer to "Where Do We Go From Here" that emerged during the discussion is perhaps best captured in this tweet:

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