Andy Parrish goes on MSNBC to talk Bachmann, doesn't wear pants [PHOTO]

He did, however, wear shorts.
He did, however, wear shorts.

This afternoon, Andy Parrish, former chief of staff for Michele Bachmann's ill-fated presidential campaign, made a guest appearance on Andrea Mitchell's MSNBC show to talk about Bachmann's big announcement.

Parrish's appearance was noteworthy for a few reasons. Though he recently produced an affidavit that doesn't mince words about the role Bachmann allegedly played in an ethics scandal involving an Iowa state Senator, Parrish characterized his ex-boss as a "conservative hero" in a state that doesn't have many conservatives to begin with and described the August 2011 Ames Straw Poll triumph he helped engineer as "a great victory." (That accomplishment, whatever it's worth, will arguably go down as the crowning achievement of Bachmann's political career.)

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Parrish went on to say Bachmann has already changed the world for the better in at least some small way and argued that without President Obama on the ballot next year, she would've been able to defeat Jim Graves for a second straight election.

And oh yeah, he did it all while not wearing pants:

Even Parrish's attorney John Gilmore couldn't resist the photo opportunity:

Please leave your funniest caption ideas in the comments. Here's mine: "MSNBC? What?! But I got dressed for the Bradlee Dean show!"

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