Andrew Zimmern 'appropriation' debate: City Pages readers respond

Andrew Zimmern gets paid to heat stuff up, but now it's the chef on the hot seat.

Andrew Zimmern gets paid to heat stuff up, but now it's the chef on the hot seat. Renee Jones Schneider

Below, read a collection of City Pages reader comments on 'Andrew Zimmern under fire for insensitivity, appropriation, after 'horseshit' Midwestern Chinese food remarks':

Michael Hughes:  I do get the feeling at times that some Chinese restaurants only cook what Westerners consider or “know” to be authentic Chinese. I think Zimmern has weight behind his statement. He’s traveled all over and has seen the homes of these dishes. Whereas, we probably take ethnic restaurants here at face value. He’s able to call B.S.

Andrew Rambol: He is certainly entitled to an opinion. I like a lot of the midwestern Asian restaurants. I also like Taco Bell sometimes. Why does everyone get so bent out of shape when someone makes a statement?

Elena Noel: I've never had worse service than I did at Lucky Cricket on Saturday. It was insane - at any given moment the 5 bartenders behind the bar were 4-5FT away from the two of us, and talked about breaks, shift change and what was out on the menu. One of the bartenders kind of had an attitude when approaching us which I wasn't surprised about - until she admitted she didn't know a lot of the food on the menu. At that point I started to write the experience off.

Pau Lathr: He didn’t need to put down mom and pop Chinese restaurants in order to say that his take on Chinese American food will be an exploration on the complex and exotic flavors of traditional Chinese cuisine. He’s such an arrogant person; I would venture to say he came across as the “Dolce and Gabanna” of the food industry. [thumbs down emoji]

Eric Johnston: My first thought was “How dare he?!” Then, I thought about it more, and names like ‘Panda Express’ ‘Leeann Chin’ and ‘98 Pounds’ starting going through my head.

ᛗᛟᚾᛏᛖ ᛓᚨᛏᚢᛖᛇᛁ: Uh, Minnesota's Chinese food is (on average) horseshit. Common menu dishes have been so Americanized that they're now Chinese in name only, and even that's a lie. The history may have legitimate roots, but what it's become is honestly the Chinese equivalent of Taco Bell, YEAH I SAID IT YOUR CHINESE FOOD IS BULLDINKERY. This doesn't become any less true just because a white guy pointed it out, and defaulting to cultural appropriation accusations is (in this case) a dipshit defense mechanism.

Elisabeth Jimenez Bandy: The Chinese food in the Midwest doesn't hold a candle to food found on the West Coast (namely San Francisco). It's usually never spicy enough or just bland, period. I'm sure the owners of these places changed their recipes to cater to their customers, who often times can't handle more than just salt and pepper! I know for a fact that when the crew takes their lunch break, they're eating way better than what the customer is getting. So, he's kind of right.

Ryan Michael: Checked in for all the whites complaining about appropriation, was not disappointed.

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