Andrew Wiggins, human being, tries, almost throws down 720 dunk [VIDEO]


For almost everyone, dunking a basketball is hard enough as it is. 

Throw in some sort of trick, and you've eliminated all but a few gifted people on this planet. Say, the "360 dunk," in which the dunker completes a full, 360-degree rotation before putting the ball through the hoop. Very difficult! 

Now, a 720? When the player rotates two times in the air before throwing it down? Now you've shrunk the pool even more. Make it a hot tub: Wikipedia's listing for "slam dunk" credits just one guy with pulling off that move: Taurian Fontnette, essentially a stunt-dunk specialist who used to play with the And1 mixtape streetball guys.

Fontnette once went by the nickname "The Air Up There." Now some people know him as "Mr. 720." That's how special this move is.  

Enter Andrew Wiggins. The Minnesota Timberwolves forward and 2015 NBA Rookie of the Year is a great athlete and an exciting in-game dunker. But his talents as a freak show are generally outshone by his teammate, Zach LaVine, winner of back-to-back dunk contests

Let's put an end to that. Yesterday, Wiggins posted an Instagram video of him trying a 720 at a private practice session. He pretty much does the whole damn thing...but the ball and rim found disagreement at the very last moment. 




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The "#CrazyExplosive" hashtag is a reference to some new shoes Wiggins is wearing, and marketing. People have strong opinions about these shoes.

Forget opinions. Here's a fact: You can't come even close to what Wiggins just (almost) did, even if you were wearing six pairs of those shoes at once.