Andrew Wiggins and the Adidas curse

Will Andrew Wiggins' shoes help him bound through the paint or trigger catastrophic injuries?

Will Andrew Wiggins' shoes help him bound through the paint or trigger catastrophic injuries?

Michael Jordan. Kobe Bryant. Andrew Wiggins?

The Timberwolves' youngest player and owner of the team's final shot for years to come (fingers crossed) showed flashes of greatness in his first season. But future Hall of Famer who will help hang banners for years? We'll see.

Nevertheless, Wiggins joined the company of NBA elite last year when he inked an Adidas shoe deal reportedly worth at least $2 million a year. Yesterday the bazillion dollar footwear maker formally unveiled the latest “AW” sneaker in its Crazylight Boost series.

Arguably the NBA's swaggiest Canadian, Wiggins' new kicks with little maple leaf silhouettes were sorta inspired by his draft day getup, which involved a dizzying, floral-patterned blazer. For $140, you could have a shoe with 13 percent more of something called Boost technology, which apparently the Rookie of the Year will have, too.

According to CBS Sports, that magical Boost thing helps reduce stress on the body (something about foot energy?), which Wiggy's oft-injured teammates could probably use. Of course we should never mistrust product claims, but among illogical conspiracy theorists Adidas has a reputation for causing injuries. It's like the Madden curse of footwear.

Elite Daily points to a host of prominent Adidas-endorsed athletes, including Minnesota hoops hero Kevin Garnett, who mysteriously went down while rocking the three stripes. An ESPN anchor even suggested that loose-looking Adidas contributed to an injury NBA star-when-healthy Derrick Rose sustained last fall.


It's no reason to freak out, but a franchise already this cursed doesn't need any more bad juju. So Wolves fans, buy a rabbit's foot, pick a four-leaf clover or rub a ginger's hair (seriously) for your boy Wiggins' health.

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