Andrew Sendejo hit knocks Mike Wallace out, and his helmet off [VIDEO]



 Baltimore Ravens' wide receive Mike Wallace left Sunday's game at U.S. Bank Stadium early after a vicious hit from Vikings' safety Andrew Sendejo. 

Wallace had recieved a short pass from Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco, and was in the grasp of Vikes cornerback Xavier Rhodes while still fighting for yards when Sendejo lowered his shoulder into Wallace.

Wallace lost control of the ball instantly, and his helmet flew clean off. The receiver lay motionless on the ground for a time, and he was immediately administered to by trainers. 

Rhodes came away with the loose football, but the fumble was called back, as Sendejo was assessed an unncessary roughness penalty for the play. Baltimore went on to kick a field goal on the ensuing drive.

Wallace was seen to on the sideline and entered the mandatory "concussion protocol" tests. He has been ruled out of the remainder of the game. Cameras caught Wallace stalking the sideline, apparently (angrily) searching for his helmet, which had been taken away and hidden to prevent him from returning to the game.

The Vikings (4-2) and Ravens (3-3) are tied 6-6 midway through the second quarter.