Andrew Billingsley Jr. shot dead after sticking up for son on 19 bus in north Mpls, charges say

The man videotaped lying dead last Thursday on a north Minneapolis street was shot dead after confronting 16-year-old Joshua Ford on a Metro Transit Rout 19 bus near 26th and Penn Avenues N., authorities say.

Billingsley Jr., 38, "came to the front door of the bus and got into a verbal argument with [Ford] and his companions regarding their harassment of the [his] son," the second-degree murder charges against Ford say. "The bus driver saw the [Ford] draw a gun from his waistband and told the victim to get off the bus, which he did."

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The driver summoned police to the scene by activating the bus's silent alarm during the confrontation.

As Billingsley Jr. fled, Ford "went out the back door of the bus and started shooting at the victim," the charges continue. "According to witnesses, the victim ran in front of the bus as [Ford] continued to shoot at him. The victim then ran towards the nearby gas station and [Ford] continued to shoot at him until the victim fell to the ground."

The bus driver jumped off the bus and started performing CPR on Billingsley Jr., but it was too late -- he was pronounced dead at the scene. Investigators found six discharged cartridge casings and one fired bullet nearby.

Ford got away but was arrested the next day. As a juvenile, his mugshot wasn't available for public release, Hennepin County court officials tell us. Prosecutors intend to try him as an adult.

Billingsley Jr.'s murder was the 17th in Minneapolis so far this year, a police spokesman says.

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Joshua Ford Murder Charges

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