Andrei Kirilenko: Newest T-Wolf's top 10 plays [VIDEO and EPIC TATTOO PHOTO]

Kirilenko's strong play in Russia helped him earn a $20 million Kahntract.
Kirilenko's strong play in Russia helped him earn a $20 million Kahntract.

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Yesterday, after clearing salary cap room by trading uber-bust Wes Johnson to Phoenix, the Timberwolves quietly signed possibly the best free agent left on the market -- Andrei Kirilenko.

Kirilenko --  a 31-year-old, 6'9" forward who spent all 10 years of his NBA career with Utah before winning the Euroleague MVP last season with CSKA Moscow -- reportedly agreed to a two-year, $20-million contract Kahntract. Reaction to the move was mixed, though the Twitter-sphere seemed slightly tilted toward praising T-Wolves management for snapping up a former All-Star and three-time All-Defensive Team award winner who seems to still be at or near peak form. (Others, instead of analyzing the on-court implications, focused on the Wolves possibly unprecedented collection of white players.)

Kirilenko has never been known as a high-flying dunker or flashy behind-the-back passer, but he has the sort of all-around versatility necessary to put up at least six steals, six blocks, six points, six rebounds, and six assists all in the same game -- he's one of only two NBA players to accomplish that, the other being Hakeem Olajuwon.

Flashy or not, over the course of his decade-long run with the Jazz, Kirilenko helped create his share of impressive highlights. In what follows, we count down his top 10 plays, with a photo of his epic back tattoo mixed in for good measure.

10. Okay, this is actually a not-top-10 play, but the double dose of mega-fail in this sequence is just too classic to ignore:

9. AK-47 -- he wears number 47 and is from the Soviet town where the gun was originally produced -- can drop some serious dimes:

8. Don't let the thin frame fool you -- Kirilenko is capable of putting his opponents on posters:

7. AK-47 has some acting skills, too. Check out how he responds to Matt Barnes' forearm graze as though he was just blasted with a bazooka, thereby drawing a whistle from the referee:

BONUS: Get a load of Andrei's so-unreal-I'll-just-post-without-comment back tattoo!

Andrei Kirilenko: Newest T-Wolf's top 10 plays [VIDEO and EPIC TATTOO PHOTO]

You can bet Kirilenko and Big Pek will exchange their respective tattoo artists' contact information next season.

6. Apparently, in Europe, they don't make their baskets as sturdily as we do here in the ol' U-S-of-A:

5. Jimmy Chitwood would be proud of this ball movement:

4. Have you gathered yet that for a forward, AK-47 is an almost unparalleled shot blocker? Here he is stuffing Yao Ming, one of the tallest players in NBA history:

3. It starts off ugly, but ends with a pretty alley-up jam:

2. "Is Hakeem Olajuwon in the building tonight?"

1. Andrei brings the house down by rejecting Shaq -- not once, but twice, and during back-to-back plays. If you can stuff Shaq and Yao, you can stuff just about anybody:

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