Anderson Kelliher jumps in the DFL pool for governor

Anderson Kelliher jumps in the DFL pool for governor

There is yet another high-profile Minnesota Democrat aiming for the governor's seat. House Speaker Margaret Anderson Kelliher announced her intentions and said she has filed the paperwork needed to run.

We hope all the Democrats don't slaughter each other just trying to win the DFL endorsement. This could get messy. Too many egos in one pool.

Check out her letter to supporters below.




Over the past few months I have traveled the state talking to Minnesotans just like you. Today, with the support of my family, friends and people across the state, I took the first step to become our next governor by filing the necessary paperwork to run.

Growing up on a southern Minnesota dairy farm, I learned at a young age there is always more work to be done. The same could be said for our state right now. Our economy has been battered by the global recession and many families are worried about job losses, wage cuts and the ever-rising cost of health care.

Minnesota's next governor faces tough challenges. We need a leader who understands the task in front of us, and who knows it will take more than one person to rebuild our state. That's the experience, and the commitment, I will bring as Minnesota's governor. It took more than one person to finally break through and improve the safety and quality of Minnesota's bridges and roads. I built a coalition of people who did not always see eye-to-eye, but were ready to find common ground and work together. It took more than one person to pass Minnesota's nation-leading renewable energy standard. Together, we made Minnesota a leader in the green economy.

Now as we look ahead, the challenges are real, but our path forward is clear. As Minnesota's next governor and with your support, we will make Minnesota a world economic leader, build a healthier, more productive workforce and provide every child from pre-kindergarten through college the opportunity for a great education.

In a few weeks, I will formally announce my candidacy. It will take more than one person to win the DFL endorsement and this election. It will take a coalition of people who believe in Minnesota and our ability to succeed. I'm asking you to take the next step in making me our next governor.

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My best,

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