Anchorpeople Are Easy

ONE OF THE several recent print ads in KMSP's current campaign poses the local network's Minnesota 9 News as a movie, picturing its four anchors as the stars and delivering the rather racy slug "One Woman. Three Men. One Hour." We called up that "One Woman," Robyne Robinson, to see what she thought of the ad. "Personally, I don't think it's over the edge, I think it's on the edge," she said. "When I first saw it I laughed. Later I sat down and thought, could I be offended by this? I could if I wanted to, but for anyone with a sense of humor, it's a just a funny take on a movie ad."

What about allusions to certain, possibly kinky kinds of movies? Robinson guffawed readily. "If you sat and thought about it, sure you could come up with that," she said--a little disingenuously, considering her previous comment (not to mention another ad, a goof on the personals, that's headlined "Like to Watch?" and promises "We'll do things you probably haven't seen anywhere else.... We'll have you in bed by 10."). Robinson says KMSP is "just trying to be witty and attract a younger audience, and those people aren't so easily shocked, so you have to go a little further." Like as far as pushing the fantasy of Robyne and the boys going all the way. Now that'd be a stunt for sweeps month.

Meanwhile, over at KARE-11 Paul Magers says he hasn't seen, much less sat down to ponder, the billboards spreading his reputation for "Smooth Home Delivery." Guess some things just come naturally.

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