An Occurrence at Central Library

There are many actions in society frowned upon by the masses, like slapping a kid in the supermarket, flicking ranch dressing at senior citizens dinning at Applebee's, and cheering for Kobe Bryant. But one above all else needs more frowning, more Minnesota nice and more disgust.

We're talking about cussing out the local library security guard. It happened this evening, at around 5:15 pm at Central Library. A woman and man started to get into a squabble over a book, and security stepped in between the two. Instead of calming down, the woman began to curse and shove the security guard.

Now, most folks who frequent the library know the security guard is nothing more than the man you show your receipt to after checking out a H.G. Bissinger book or the man who directs you to the library help desk. These guys pack little more than a handheld flashlight and are about as intimidating as the greeter at Wal-Mart. The hard part of the job includes helping the local bag lady make it through the entryway doors and doing conflict resolution between teenagers arguing over the best magna cartoon.

Back to the scene between the man and the woman: once the security guard stepped in between the two, he turned into a target pad for the woman's tirade. She showed if anything, that Jerry Springer should start poking around dowtown for talent. The pace and volume of her curse words had the attention of all four library floors.


Once she realized people were watching her undress the security guard, it seemed to give her confidence and she started to shout louder. Eventually, with another two security guards around them, the man pulled the book out of his pants, gave it to the woman and she went on her way, proud as punch.

We don't dare know what sort of life the woman has had. It's probably a sad one, full of pain and abuse. But transferring that onto a library security is about as low as kicking a kitten.