An execrable fetish at Powerline

The boys at Powerline have fallen in love with the adjective "execrable." They just can't stop, um, excreting the word. Maybe this is due to a garden variety case of pundit fatigue. Between their daily blog posts, regular cable TV appearances and ceaseless efforts to combat the sinister forces of liberalism (not to mention their day jobs as high powered attorneys), Minnesota's leading conservative bloggers certainly keep a very busy schedule. They probably don't have the time to pry open a thesaurus in search of a synonym. Or maybe their use of the term is simply symptomatic of being in a state of constant indignation--an affliction evident to even the most casual Powerline reader.

Whatever the explanation, there can be no question that the Powerliners have developed a peculiar and extreme reliance on this ten dollar swear word. Scott Johnson--aka "the Big Trunk"--was the latest to deploy it. In a post yesterday, he angrily denounced an "execrable paper" about the Israel lobby penned by professors John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt. It was, it turned out, the second time in as many days the Big Trunk used the word as a descriptor of the Mearsheimer/Walt paper.

But Johnson and fellow Powerliner John "Hindrocket" Hinderaker have lobbed their favorite verbal grenade at a host of other targets as well. Below is a list, no doubt incomplete, of execrable quotes from these titans of the blogosphere:

"We are late getting on to the story of the execrable Garrison Keillor and his hysterical jeremiad on Minnesota's election of Norm Coleman to the United States Senate."

"Minneapolis's execrable Mayor Rybak has 'clarified' his day-old ban on unmonitored communications between the police and the media."

"The execrable Cynthia McKinney appears to have gone down to defeat. Good riddance to one of our most disgraceful politicians."

"My favorite quote came from the execrable Pat Leahy."

"It's always reassuring to know that we are on the opposite side from Sweden and the United Nations. The same Arab News article quotes the execrable Swedish Foreign Minister Anna Lindh..."

"[O]n the list of those whose disapproval of President Bush's speech must encourage us to think highly of it, I should have added the truly, deeply execrable Kofi Annan."

"The caravan has moved on, and no one has been talking much about the execrable Ms. Plame lately."

"Now the Republicans are treating the execrable Robert Byrd like a hero! Unbelievable. What a low moment."

"In his performance at Mrs. King's funeral this week, the execrable Jimmy Carter obviously chided President Bush by reference to the "secret government wiretapping" of Martin Luther King."

"America's worst DA, the execrable Ronnie Earle, admitted today that he went grand jury shopping."

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