Amy Senser's hit-and-run ruled "accidental"

Amy Senser's hit-and-run has been declared "accidental."

Amy Senser's hit-and-run has been declared "accidental."

Amy Senser's hit-and-run accident that killed Anousone Phanthavong has finally been ruled just that -- an accident.

The Hennepin County Medical Examiner's has ruled that Phanthavong's death was "accidental," according to the Star Tribune. Phanthavong, the 38-year-old chef of True Thai restaurant, was hit and killed the night of August 23 while he was pulled over and filling up his broken-down car with gas.

Senser has yet to be arrested for any crime, and it's unclear how the medical examiner's report will change whatever charges she might someday face in court.


The medical examiner's report, released today, found that Phanthavong died of multiple blunt force injuries, the Star Tribune reports.

Jim Schwebel, a lawyer for the Phanthavong family in their wrongful death lawsuit against the Sensers, has previously claimed that Phanthavong was "dying" when Senser drove away from the scene of the accident. Amy Senser has yet to be arrested.