Amy Senser will stand trial for criminal vehicular homicide

Amy Senser will stand trial on criminal vehicular homicide charges April 23, a Hennepin County judge ruled this morning.

Senser allegedly ran over Anousone Phanthavong, the head cook at True Thai, last August, and left the scene of the accident. Prosecutors unveiled an amended complaint late January alleging that Senser hit Phanthavong then returned to the scene of the crime, the Riverside exit of I-94.

The revised complaint contains witness statements that Phanthavong's car was "clearly visible" and there was plenty of time to stop. It also contained witness statements that a Mercedes Benz like Senser's was "weaving out of its lane," and that Senser slept on her porch the night of the accident.

Senser's attorneys attempted to get the charges thrown out, but a judge ruled today that Senser will stand trial for criminal vehicular homicide.

The Sensers have never denied that Senser was driving the vehicle. They deny that she knew she hit someone that night.

A jury will decide the question this spring, according to published reports.

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