Amy Senser was drinking the night she killed Phanthavong, prosecutor says

Amy Senser was drinking the night she killed Anousone Phanthavong
Amy Senser was drinking the night she killed Anousone Phanthavong

Amy Senser admitted to a daughter that she was drinking the night she ran over Anousone Phanthavong, a Hennepin County prosecutor said Monday.

Deborah Russell, the assistant county attorney who made the statement during a motions hearing in Senser's case, didn't elaborate.

Prosecutors revealed earlier this year that Joe Senser, Vikings legend and Amy's husband, spoke with a rehab center after Amy's hit-and-run.

Senser is scheduled to go on trial next week for running over Phanthavong, the 38-year-old head chef at True Thai restaurant.

The prosecutor's remark came during a hearing where Senser's defense counsel raised several motions, according to the Star Tribune.

Senser's defense attorney asked Hennepin County Judge Daniel Mabley to dismiss a third count of criminal vehicular homicide for reckless driving filed last week against Senser. The judge denied that motion.

Senser's attorney also wants the judge to bar prosecutors from using Senser's refusal to speak with State Patrol investigators against her.

Senser's attorney also wants an order "blocking testimony" from Dr. Rick Spounagle, the medical director of the Florida Detox and Wellness Institute. Joe Senser spoke with him the morning after Amy killed Phanthavong.

Spounagle is expected to testify that "the Sensers saw news of Phanthavong's death on television, and that Amy Senser told her husband she was in the area at the time."

He would also testify that "the Sensers went outside and looked at the Mercedes parked in the driveway, saw blood on the hood, and 'panicked,'" according to prosecutors.

Senser does not deny that she hit Phanthavong with her Mercedes on the Riverside exit of I-94 last August. Phanthavong was filling his stalled car with gas at the time.

Instead, Senser says she didn't know that she hit Phanthavong at the time of the accident.


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