Amy Senser to be released from prison after serving less than two years


Following her conviction for criminal vehicular homicide in connection with the August 2011 hit-and-run death of True Thai chef Anousone Phanthavong, Amy Senser entered prison on July 9, 2012. She'll be released this week.

A Department of Corrections official tells us Senser will be transferred to a "community correctional facility," where she'll take part in a work release program. She'll remain there until October 20.

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"When work release is complete, she will return home to the community and be under supervision by an agent," a DOC official says. She'll remain under supervision until she completes her 41-month sentence.

Senser recently applied to be transferred from prison to a work release program. Her request was granted last month, paving the way for her early release. The DOC says work release applications are evaluated based on "public safety and the opportunity for an offender to successfully transition back to the community."

Though she's being released from prison, Senser will only be able to leave the correctional facility for work and won't be able to visit her family, the Star Tribune reports. Employment is a requirement for offenders in work release and regular drug and alcohol tests are a part of the program.

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