Amy Senser, Joe Senser's wife, was driving SUV at the time of deadly hit-and-run

Amy Senser, in a photo released from her attorney's office.

Amy Senser, in a photo released from her attorney's office.

Attorneys for former Vikings tight end Joe Senser have confirmed in a statement that it was Amy Senser, Joe's wife, driving the SUV at the time of a deadly hit-and-run.

Anousoune Phanthavong, the head chef at True Thai, was filling his car up with gas alongside I-94 when he was hit by a Mercedes-Benz SUV. The car left him at the scene and he died later.

Police soon found out the car was registered to Senser, but until now, it was unclear who was driving.


"Now that various legal matters have been clarified regarding a potential criminal case and civil lawsuit, it is now appropriate to disclose that the driver in this incident was Ms. Amy Senser," the statement from Halberg Defense says.

According to the statement, the Sensers contacted their attorneys the day after Phanthavong's death to "coordinate discussion" with police. It adds that the car was voluntarily turned over to authorities. State patrol found the gold SUV in the Sensers's garage, with blood on the hood. Inside, they found a bobbypin, earrings and the cap off a Mike's Hard Lemonade.

Although Joe Senser was never thought to be the driver on the night of the accident, there was some speculation he may have loaned the car to one of his daughters.

"There have been many complex and overlapping issues involved in the investigation of this case which have made it inappropriate to release the name of the driver until this time," the statement says as explanation.

At this point, Amy Senser has not been arrested.

Former Viking Joe Senser

Former Viking Joe Senser

Phanthavong on his way home from closing True Thai when he was killed. The statement adds that the Sensers's attorneys have also spoken to the personal injury lawyer retained by the family.

"The Senser family extends their deepest sympathies to all those affected," the statement concludes.

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