Amy Senser had a drinking problem, affairs according to stepdaughter Brittani [UPDATE]

Amy Senser had a drinking problem, affairs according to stepdaughter Brittani [UPDATE]

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Amy Senser was going through a mid-life crisis when she killed Anousone Phanthavong, drinking too much and cheating on Joe, according to her stepdaughter, Brittani.

Those allegations are buried deep inside a court filing submitted by Senser's attorney, Eric Nelson, late last month. Nelson filed emails he exchanged with the judge and prosecutor, one of which includes an investigative report written by state trooper John Farmakes. That document summarizes an interview with Brittani Senser, who told trooper Farmakes that Amy had issues with alcohol and fidelity.

"She said that Amy used to work at Thompson Funeral Home on Park Avenue in Minneapolis a few years earlier," Farmakes wrote. "She said that her father told her that he had caught Amy making out with another employee there and her father gave her an ultimatum, either she quit the job or he would leave her."

Amy left that job shortly after, Brittani said, and began working at a chiropractor's office. (The funeral home did not return a request for comment; neither did Senser's attorney.)

Farmakes interviewed Brittani late last September as part of the state patrol's investigation into the hit-and-run death of Anousone Phanthavong. Brittani told Farmakes she feels Amy has a "drinking problem" and is "going through a midlife crisis."

When Brittani first heard about the "situation" involving Phanthavong's death, she told the investigator, "she thought Amy must have been out with another guy."

Joe and Amy Senser had been experiencing marital problems for the past "two and a half years," according to Brittani, who said she talked with Joe about "Amy's drinking alcohol and her involvement with other men."

Brittani also told Farmakes that Amy has been "out of control as of late," according to the investigator's report.

Brittani hinted at her disgust with Amy in a text message to Joe earlier that month, before Amy had turned herself in. Brittani urged Joe to "clear" his name.
"Its not ur job to protect someone who prob wouldn't protect u if the shoe's were on the other feet," Brittani texted. "She hasn't given a damn about anything other than herself and Molly and Hannah for years. Including you and ur guy's relationship, me tuz or anyone. U are a man of God."

Besides speaking with Brittani Senser, trooper Farmakes interviewed one of Amy's closest friends, Sandra Delgehausen. Farmakes asked Delgehausen whether Amy had substance abuse issues.

Delgehausen readily said that Amy has no problems with "illegal or prescribed" drugs but sidestepped a question about Amy's consumption of alcohol.

"Delgehausen paused when asked this question, began to fidget and look around the room," Farmakes noted in his report. "She initially responded by saying that that was something we would have to ask Amy. She then said she was not comfortable answering that question."

In the end, Delgehausen did not answer the question.

The interview with Brittani explains one of the more bizarre moments during Amy Senser's criminal trial this spring, where she was convicted of criminal vehicular homicide.

While testifying, Joe Senser claimed that Amy has never lied to him.

"Not about having affairs with other men?" the prosecutor, Deborah Russell, asked, according to the Star Tribune.

Joe claimed he'd never asked Amy about affairs, and said he'd never caught Amy in "inappropriate relationships" with other men. Russell then dropped the line of questioning, which baffled some observers.

Ever since Amy Senser was revealed as the driver who killed Phanthavong last summer, there's been much speculation about Amy's drinking habits. Farmakes' report sheds new light on the subject.

Update: Senser's attorney, Eric Nelson, got in touch with us this morning to deny Brittani's allegations with the following statement:

Brittani Senser made many untrue and baseless accusations when she originally met with police. Investigators followed up on these allegations, at great expense, all of which proved to be false. 

Amy Senser has remained a faithful wife to Joe for over 20 years. They have raises four daughters and contributed immeasurably to Twin Cities charities.  Nearly every person who submitted a letter of recommendation and knows their characters noted the loving and nurturing relationship between Amy and Joe.

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