Amy Senser found guilty of two felonies, not guilty of gross negligence

Over the weekend, legal experts opined that with the prosecution wrapping up its case, Amy Senser's trial was hers to lose, citing the difficulty of convicting someone of criminal vehicular homicide charges.

The experts were wrong. This afternoon, the jury found her guilty of two felonies -- failure to stop and failure to notify authorities -- along with a careless driving misdemeanor. She was found not guilty, however, of gross negligence.

Senser's sentencing is scheduled for July 9. The felony convictions call for a prison sentence of four years under state guidelines.

In arguing against the gross negligence charge, Senser's attorney, Eric Nelson, made a case that there isn't evidence Senser was either intoxicated or on the phone at the time of the crash. He also told jurors that she didn't drive out of her traffic lane when she ran over and killed Anousone Phanthavong last August. Jurors found Nelson's case persuasive in that respect but nonetheless concluded Senser had a legal obligation to stop and call authorities after she hit what she said she believed to be a traffic cone.

Judge Daniel Mabley could've had Senser taken into custody today but elected to let her remain free until sentencing.

Joe Senser hugged and kissed his wife after the verdict was read, and Amy Senser started crying after the courtroom cleared. Phanthavong's family declined to talk to reporters.

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