Amy Koch avoids ethics complaint for inappropriate affair

Former Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch won't face an ethics complaint for having an affair with a senate staffer.

Koch resigned in December after her fellow Republican legislators confronted her with allegations that she was having an affair with a subordinate staffer widely believed to be GOP power broker Michael Brodkorb.

Brodkorb left the senate and Mike Parry's congressional campaign shortly after, creating a major public embarrassment for the MNGOP.

New Senate GOP leader Dave Senjem announced today that he would not seek an ethics complaint against Koch or any other senators over the affair.

Senjem said the affair was in the past.

Not everyone is happy with Senjem's announcement: Senate Minority Leader Tom Bakk said this afternoon that he's like an investigation of how the Koch scandal was handled by Republican leaders.

Koch had been an outspoken critic of gay marriage and pushed hard to place the anti-gay marriage amendment on this year's election ballot. Her affair inspired a local gay activist, John Medeiros, to draft a mock apology to Koch on behalf of the gay community for ruining her marriage.

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