Amy Koch apologizes for "engaging in a relationship with a Senate staffer"

Amy Koch apologized late this afternoon for "engaging in a relationship with a Senate staffer," though she did not name the individual.

Koch declared in an official statement that she's "made some mistakes and errors in judgment" and has "deep regret." She apologized to constituents, the Republican party, fellow legislators, and her family.

"The events of recent days have been very difficult for me and those close to me," Koch said.

Koch did not address the public speculation about the identity of the staffer with whom she was having the affair, widely rumored to be communications chief Michael Brodkorb, who was ousted from his positions with the GOP in the wake of Koch's resignation.

Instead, she emphasized that what she did with her staffer was not a crime. Although she had an "inappropriate relationship" with a subordinate, Koch denied she had "violated any laws or Senate rules" or "misused any state funds or property."

Koch ended her statement by writing that she needs to focus on the "challenging days ahead" while she works through "some very personal issues."

Koch isn't the only Republican going through some serious issues these days. City Pages broke down the MNGOP All-Scandal Team earlier today, reported on Michael Brodkorb's domestic dispute earlier this week, and revealed Tony Sutton's big tax problems with the Department of Revenue last fall.

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