Amy Klobuchar's duck-killing golf story is the highlight of her campaign

DFL U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar: 1 percent in the polls, at least one dead duck in her past.

DFL U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar: 1 percent in the polls, at least one dead duck in her past. UFCW International

Amy Klobuchar's back in the Washington Post!

It's still not good!

Back in August, the Post noted Klobuchar was one of the "stars" of the Iowa State Fair—Amy's favorite? She won't say!—though she couldn't crack the top five in polling.

She's still struggling, per a longer Post feature about Minnesota's senior senator's "anonymity" problem: Among the crowded Democratic field, Klobuchar polls at around 1 percent nationally, on average, and her frequent visits to neighboring Iowa have garnered between 3 percent and 8 percent support. 

The Post story follows a two-day, three-state campaign swing through Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. There's not much in there to convince you Klobuchar can skim moderate Democratic votes off Joe Biden, or leftist-leaning votes from Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders.

Feel free to read yet again about Klobuchar's opposition to socialized health care or free college. Drink in Amy's plea to a Milwaukee coffee shop to change "not only the policies in our country, but also change the tone of our politics"... close your eyes, and you can almost taste the decaf.

Or: Skip all that and get straight to this clip from a United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) presidential forum featuring Klobuchar and Warren.

The most remarkable thing about Amy's anecdote is that she not only volunteered it, she went out of her way to bring it up. With her appearance winding down, Klobuchar said she'd been waiting for someone to bring up golf. (Elizabeth Warren had observed she, for one, does not play the links.) 

Her answer? No, she doesn't.

But wait. There's more!

This anecdote surely puts Klobuchar over the top within the Venn diagram of Iowa Democrats who resent Donald Trump for golfing so much, and Iowa Democrats who wish violence toward ducks.

Honestly this question should be first in the next Democratic debate: Who or what have you caused to "perish"? And how did you get away with it? And why haven't you been campaigning on your ability to kill without remorse while making it look like an accident?