Amy Klobuchar has one Donald Trump joke and she really, really loves it [VIDEO]

Amy Klobuchar loves this joke. Every. Goddamn. Time.

Amy Klobuchar loves this joke. Every. Goddamn. Time. The Daily Show/Twitter

Big news for Amy Klobuchar supporters: She made the Daily Show!

...'s Twitter account. 

In fact, the Comedy Central program had on Steve Bullock, the Democratic governor of Montana whose presidential campaign can thank Trevor Noah for introducing him to people outside Steve Bullock's family. 

Klobuchar, meanwhile, appeared in a clip that edited together snippets from speeches she's given on the campaign trail. Maybe we should say "snippet," singular, as in every clip, Klobuchar is seen telling the exact same joke about Donald Trump in almost the exact same way. 

In one clip, Klobuchar prefaces the line by saying she "sometimes" likes to "use a little humor" -- key phrase: "a little" -- which is exactly the kind of thing a humorous person says to alert you they are about to say something funny, and want you to be prepared so that you are not overwhelmed by the amount of laughter you are experiencing.

This kind of self-mimickry is built into a political campaign of any kind, and Amy's hardly the first to get busted sounding like a robot that you should turn off and back on again to see if that fixes it. But what's even more telling here is how consistently Klobuchar bursts out laughing at her own line, sometimes even doubling over.

Imagine that level of committment to recalling something you tweeted once. Sounds exhausting -- and, now, thanks to the Daily Show, a little humiliating. 

According to the latest, Klobuchar is polling at about 1 percent nationally.