Amy Klobuchar gets audacious ink in Elle

How do we look to the rest of America? A certain congresswoman from a certain northern suburb earns the lion's share of national ink these days for comments about anti-American presidents, Acorn plots and socialist-facist evildoers in Congress. She has her fans.

And then there's The Audacity of Minnesota: Senator Amy Klobuchar, four pages of hugs and kisses from Elle magazine, now on newsstands.

"Meet the woman who (thanks to Hillary and Sarah's bushwhacking) many say should be pointing her ambition at the White House," the magazine insists.

Klobuchar is like the Cousin Marilyn of politicians in a state that for decades has produced Munsters: Jesse Ventura. Al Franken. Norm Coleman. And (cue the Star Trek music) let's not forget Michele "Obama-is-anti-American" Bachmann.

Elle thinks Amy's funny: Check out the Thousand Island dressing joke. Elle knows Amy's Yale, University of Chicago and Hennepin County Prosecutor smart. Elle says Amy wears a lot of black and pink. Doggone it, people like her in the Senate. She's a serious person with serious ambitions.

And Elle says this is all a pleasant change.

"The ugly truth," writes Lisa DePaulo, "is that when the national press deigns to come to Minnesota, it's to cover the circus."

Amy Klobuchar gets audacious ink in Elle

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