America's No. 1 state for beer consumption is in the Midwest, but it isn't the one you'd expect

The Beer Institute recently published its annual state-by-state beer consumption rankings, and the results will surprise you.

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Shamefully, Minnesota's level of beer imbibing in 2012 was mediocre, as we ranked 29th in per-capita consumption. As you'd expect, Wisconsin clocks in toward the top of the list at 5th overall. But the number one overall state is a bit of a shocker.

Turns out North Dakotans, of all people, consume more beer than residents of any other state.

Apparently cold ones are NoDakians' preferred way to wash down all that oil wealth. Either that or the single dudes up there are buying lots and lots and lots of beers for their few-and-far-between female romantic prospects.

Here's the top 10 per-capita beer consumption list along with some other notables (to see the full list, click here):

1. NoDak
2. New Hampshire
3. Montana
4. South Dakota
5. Wisconsin
6. Nevada
7. Vermont
8. Nebraska
9. Texas
10. Maine
13. Iowa
29. Minnesota
48. New York
49. New Jersey
50. Connecticut

In other words, we're dead last in the Midwest in beer consumption. Let's get our act together, you guys!

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