Americans not wanted; Xenophobe sighting; MPR pink slip

Welcome to This Week in Blotter, in which we pithify news shorts ripped fresh from your favorite newsweekly: City Pages!

Let us back up a moment: You like the new website? Yeah, so do we. For one thing, it's purdy. For another, it's sleekish. Brass tacks, it's all the beige, twice the doohickeys.

A word to the wise, though: Make sure you're not missing out on our one-of-a-kind weekly content. Housed in a separate aluminum tube from our superlative everyday offerings, it's now just a scroll's length to the south on your

To drive home the point, here's a little offering from us to you: It's our genuine, Grade A, Weekly Blotter. It's available only in our print edition, in the weekly content aluminum tube on our internet homepage, and right here! In it, you'll hear about a pair who claim they couldn't get hired because they weren't Mexicans, a Mexican-despising, yappity city councilman, and an out-of-work radio truthteller. Get it while it's hot!

Here's your line of the week, from St. Francis City Councilman LeRoy Schaffer, who called the cops on some Spanish-speaking men working on a neighbor's house. (He knew they were illegal because they "didn't speak English."):

"They probably crossed the Rio Grande...and I don't blame them. I would swim as fast as I could, too."

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