American Jewish World Endorses Ellison

The Twin Cities-based publication American Jewish World has endorsed Keith Ellison for Congress in Minnesota's 5th District, according to a press release from the Ellison campaign.

The publication cites Ellison's work in the State Legislature in the ethics proceedings against Arlon Lindner, who denied that gays and lesbians were persecuted during the Holocaust. "Ellison understands the importance of guarding against Holocaust denial and links the lessons of the Shoah to more recent cases of genocide in Rwanda and Dafur. Further...he holds to the mainstream position of a negotiated two-state solution regarding the longstanding Israeli-Palestinian conflict."

The publication also emphasized that "We cannot take our civil liberties for granted, especially in the face of well-reported government action to curb our constitutional rights and consolidate political power. In the trying times ahead we will need courageous political leadership and we must hold our elected representatives accountable."

"I am proud that the American Jewish World has honored us with their support and has joined our extraordinary coalition of progressive people of good will who represent all faiths, all colors and all our neighborhoods," says Ellison.

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