American Idol's Langseth is Minnesota's last chance at fame


We lost our beloved bikini babe Casey Carlson last week on American Idol due to her horrific version of The Police, but don't be discouraged. We've still got one Minnesotan left in the race for pop star fame and she's actually got some street cred back home.

Jesse Langseth, youngest sister of Johnny Lang, will be performing her solo tomorrow night in hopes of making it into the Top 12.

The Pioneer Press profiles Langseth so we finally get some background on our homegrown lady.

Langseth was last seen on the show during the elimination round for the Top 36. She had to do a "sing-off" with another contestant to secure her spot.

"The thing going through my mind was, 'Oh my God, are you serious?' " Langseth said on the phone from Hollywood last week with the PiPress. "In a moment like that your brain does a million different things."

Langseth calls Idol "the biggest, most glorified job interview I've ever been on. I do want to treat it that way -- I'm here for a job."

She's already created a name for herself in the Twin Cities with a reward to her name. The Jesse Lang Band, now disbanded, won a Minnesota Music Award.

While everyone was drooling over Carlson's bikini pics, Langseth was dealing with her own internet explosion of attention. Langseth's wasn't so great. TMZ exposed a DUI she got in 2007.

Her response in the PiPress: "I'm working really hard not to be that person who has to touch the flame 30 times before she realizes it's hot," said Langseth. "That DUI was horrible, but you can learn from your mistakes. Something like that will whip you into shape quick."

The Idol Web site has a video interview of Langseth.

Watch (and vote for) Langseth Wednesday night at 7 p.m. on Fox. Her solo will be her one shot into the show's Top 12.