Amecio Navro Enge now charged with killing El Mio Ju Johnson


Minneapolis police arrested and charged Amecia Navro Enge with second degree murder in October, alleging he intentionally ran over Maurice Meeks in a fit of rage.

Now Enge faces a second murder charge. The Hennepin County Medical Examiner says that a second man, El Mio Ju Johnson, died from injuries sustained when he, too, was struck by the car.


Meeks died the day he was struck, Oct. 2, after being taken to the North Memorial ER. Johnson, originally identified only as E.J., was taken to North Memorial too, but was released. He later died at home.

According to the complaint, Enge had gotten into a fight with Meeks, jumped in his car, and first ran over Johnson twice and slammed into two parked cars.

Then Enge hit the gas and rammed the car into the front porch of 1012 39th Avenue North, where Meeks was standing among a group of people.

As Enge fled the scene, he ran over Meeks once more. Cops caught up to his damaged Chevy Lumina as he sped through north side streets.

With the ME's report on Johnson, the Hennepin County Attorney's Office has amended the original criminal complaint against Enge, changing the attempted murder was changed to second degree murder.

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