Ambulance responds to crash, strikes and kills another woman


After an elderly woman lost control of her car in a St. Paul Walgreens parking lot this weekend, an ambulance came to the scene to check on the woman's injuries. As the ambulance driver backed down the alley to get closer to the accident, another woman was struck and killed by the emergency vehicle.

Police identified the victim as 79-year-old Margaret Kuehn of St. Paul. She was pronounced dead at the scene. The accideent happened in an alley between Randolph and James avenues.

The driver of the car in the original accident didn't end up needing transportation to the hospital.

More from the Pioneer Press:

Police spokesman Sgt. Paul Schnell said that while the driver's injuries were being assessed, the ambulance, which was first sent to the pharmacy parking lot, was driven to the alley to allow paramedics easier access to their equipment. As the ambulance driver, a St. Paul firefighter, was backing toward the crash, Kuehn walked into the alley and was struck.